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Ron Baker is an entrepreneur with over 40 years of creating and building businesses. He has operated his own companies and worked with major brands. His knowledge and insight into the workings of a company make him an ideal advisor and coach for any business seeking to improve its company marketing and sales success.

The following are organizations that Ron’s companies have worked and partnered with to create employee and customer-focused programs.

auto industry clients

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Unique Collaborations

As a company, we bring in marketing experts on an as-needed basis. We have a small staff with a large group of associates. In that way, we tap into expertise for any particular assignment. Our experts all have a lifetime of business knowledge. They range from auto sector experts to entrepreneurs that built up and sold their businesses. All have the capabilities of advising, teaching, and mentoring.

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Driven Organization team members bring experience and management knowledge to the table. With a business lifetime worth of experience, our experts rapidly and discreetly review company marketing efforts and determine what is required to improve a situation.
Our advisors do everything they can to learn and deliver value while working to improve marketing and promotional programs.
Team members are the experts when asking direct questions, developing strategies, and getting the job done. Often the client doesn’t know what is wrong, but they know that they have a problem. That is where our expertise is a factor. Much of our work targets business growth, marketing strategy, and implementation.


 Client Testimonials

Ron – an outstanding show today. Loved it. 

Thanks for organizing it.


Fabulous. Can’t imagine how you bring it all together.

Ron – congrats on organizing a great show.

Lots of fun and so many people to chat with all day

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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