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Ron Baker is a veteran of over 30 years in the marketing business. He has operated his own companies and worked with major brands.  His knowledge and insight into the workings of the communications sector makes him an ideal advisor and coach for any business owner looking to improve their company communications and marketing.

Providing Experts & Honest Advice

Unique Collaborations

As a company we bring in marketing experts on an as needed basis.  We have a small staff with a large group of associates.  That way  we can tap into expertise that is needed for any particular assignment.  Our experts all have a lifetime of business knowleldege.  Some worked in the auto sector while others built up and sold thier businesses.  All have the capabilities of advising, teaching and mentoring.

Our Marketing Services

Bring us in to advise, provide direction or take on a special project.  We will put together the  right team to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.  If you need on going guidance, we will set up monthly “touch base” meetings to assess progress and make further suggestions to ensure your marketing is on track to attract customers and grow sales.

Experts on stand by to help with any marketing situation

Consultants that have been in the business

A lifetime of business knowledge available to you

Our Expertise

Our team are available to help you succeed

Our team members bring in-depth situational knowledge to the table. With a business lifetime worth of experience, our consultants rapidly and discreetly gain knowledge of our client’s company marketing efforts while simultaneously assessing what will be needed, to improve a situation.

Our advisors do everything they can to learn and deliver value at the same time, while working with the client as quickly as possible.

The Driven team are experts at asking direct questions, which lets them get to the root of the problem in an efficient manner. In many cases the client doesn’t know exactly what is wrong, they just know that they have a problem.

Most of our work falls into three categories; to advise on business transformation, project management, or strategy.


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