Given the current world situation our definition of shows has been modified.

Introducing the DLE.

The Digital Live Event (DLE) brings together all the communications assets a client has at their disposal and adds a live event component.

DLEs are used for product launches, openings, sales and promotional events.

They bring together social media marketing, influence marketers prior to the event.

live event coverageFor the actual occasion it combines live events, live event video streaming coverage, customer engagement components (also video recorded).

Post event it supports content marketing by having created volumes of new media assets.

Born out of the need to develop new during the pandemic, Digital Live Events provide a meeting between live event and digital marketing



Online has Changed Everything

However, just because the internet and social media are easily accessible does not mean that it is any easier to get preferred results by engaging with them.

The tried and true marketing principles still apply, but the message must change.  Customers are now in control and advertising and promotional messaging must reflect a less aggressive and more collegiate approach.

This is why content marketing has become so vitally important to a successful show or campaign.

Influencer marketing is not about telling customers what to buy.  It is about providing information of importance to them so that they can see your shop or dealership as a valuable asset to keep in their circle of influence.

We have the expertise to provide guidance and programing that gets results in all forms of automotive marketing

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