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Event Creation

One of the best and most unique marketing programs are live events.  If the event has been promoted properly it is a unqiue way of getting infront of thousands of potential customers in a brief period of time.

At Driven we produce our own events as well as create contract events for clients.

Our expertise includes event development, layout, marketing focus, sponsorship and vendor sales, car owner solication, local offical liasion and actual production of the event.

Our events are professionally managed and provide excellent exposure for our clients and customers.

Outdoor car shows

Events for customer promotions

Display design and development

Indoor car shows at major venues

Test drive demonstrations

Race track and off road programs

crowds at Car Show

How to Get Involved with an Event

There are many ways that your company can be involved with an event.

If it is an outdoor event, vendor and sponsorship opportunities should be offered.

If it a non-autmotive event consider displaying a custom or specialty vehicle with information about your company.

Whether they are “car people” or not everyone can be attracted by a vehicle on display.

Your company can also get involved with an event through digital media without having an actual presence at the event.

Most event producers will have packages available that will allow you to leverage their event for your product promotion.

Some More Event Images

Events are a great way to show product to a large group of people in a short period of time

McLaughlin Buick

Cars of Every Era

cowboys and cars

Country Music & Classics

car show patron

Appeal To all Ages

exotic cars and red carpet

Red Carpet Treatment

Happy Customers

Pleasuer being at the show. It’s a great day with even better people.

Thanks for your hard work means a lot to us car guys. Had a great time. I bet it could have went into the night LOL

Great event Ron and well organized

Ron – an outstanding show today. Loved it.  Thanks for organizing it.

Wow!!!!   Fabulous. Can’t imagine how you bring it all together.

Ron – congrats on organising a great show.  Lot’s of fun and so many people to chat with all day about the cars.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Full Event Production

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