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Drive Along with Ron Baker is a podcast dedicated to car culture enthusiasts. In each episode, guests representing owning, collecting and driving special vehicles are interviewed. We’re not talking about your daily driver here. With over 3 decades of experience creating car-related television shows, radio programs and live events, Ron has the knowledge and connections to seek out experts to share their stories on the Drive Along podcast.

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Episode 1    The Fossmobile

In this episode I interview Ron Foss, the grandson of the creator/inventor of the Fossmobile.George Foss Fossmobile
The Fossmobile was Canada’s first successful internal combustion,  gasoline engine automobile.   Manufactured by George Foote Foss in 1897, only one Fossmobile is known to have existed.
Ron Foss has taken on the task of re-creating  his grandfather’s iconic vehicle in a full scale replica of the original.
I find out about  the story of his George Foss’s  adventures in creating the Fossmobile.  Also we learn, from Ron, the trials and tribulations of recreating a vehicle from the late nineteen century.

Episode 2    Evaluating Collector Cars

In this episode I interview Maurice Bramhall of Maurice Bramhall and Associates.  Maurice has dedicated his life to classic and vintage automobiles.  He has been a restorer, a dealer, an appraiser and even a car collection evaluator.  In this episode he shares insights and stories about car restoration, and car appraisals.  What to watch for and what not to expect.

Episode 3    Jeep Jamboree USA

Jeep Jamboree Wheel CoverIn this episode I catch up with an old friend, Pearce Umlauf.  Pearse is the President and CEO of Jeep Jamboree USA.  We discuss the history of taking Jeep vehicles off-road for recreation. We talk about Mark Smith the founder of Jeepers Jamboree which evolved into the modern Jeep Jamboree programs, and the Rubicon Trail (the only 10 rated trail in North America – as in most difficult). Plus how Pearse got involved and became the head of the program that now boasts over 50 events.

Episode 4    1937 Rolls Royce

Steve Sherriff is the proud owner of a 1937 Rolls Royce which he has meticulously restored to “showroom” condition.   We discuss details of the restoration and where he exhibits the vehicle.  Steve is also a recognized judge on a Concours d’Elegance level of automotive classic car shows.  He shares stories of exhibiting the Rolls at various shows across North America and some of the interesting situations he has gotten into during inspections at some of these shows.  Steve emphasizes that participating in car collection is a gratifying hobby but should never be considered a money making venture – far from it.  He goes on to explain exactly how one should go about getting involved if they are interested. Great interview with insights stories and a few laughs.

Episode 5   Tire Talk

Drive Along Podcast Ep 5In this episode I catch up with Bill Hume a tire industry veteran and colleague I have known for more than twenty years,  We talk the history of tires, current technologies and what lies ahead.  Bill also delves into how  the unique requirements of electric vehicles are making all the manufacturers re-think tire technology.

This is one episode where the rubber really does  meet the road.

Episode 6   Automotive Woman

Juliana Chiovitti

Juliana Chiovitti – Automotive Woman.  Juliana literally grew up next to a race track.  Her parents owned a go-kart track and she has been involved in motorsports since she was old enough to walk.  We talk about her race experience, her race-related businesses as well as her current activities on and off the track.  I hope you enjoy this interview with a true automotive woman.

Episode 7   Car Exterior Maintenance

Mike Stoops, Senior Global Product & Training Specialist at Meguiar’s  joins me for an in-depth talk about  how to clean and maintain the exterior of your vehicle.   Our talk ranges from car washes to ceramic coatings.  Plus brake dust to bird droppings.  An informative deep dive into proper car body maintenance.

Episode 8  Worldly Car Collection

Eclection Automotive IsettaNadir Ansari is a collector of unique and eclectic vehicles.  He has sourced and procured vehicles all over the world.  Each vehicle has an unique story and is representative of a period in automotive or  history and culture.  He is a partner in Eclection Automotive. He speaks of his first collector vehicle – which he stills owns – to what’s next on the rare vehicle horizon.

Episode 9 Collector Car Insurance

Collector Car InsuranceA discussion about insurance and collector cars with Andrew Count from Hagety Insurance.
We cover everything from valuations to accumulated yearly mileage allowances
plus market valuations.
Adrew is an expert and has been with Hagerty for almost a decade.
He also details Hagerty’s new initiative called Garage and Social.

Episode 10 David Case – Collector Car Canada


Collector Car Canada is a new online car auction site started by David Case.

David Case Collector Car Canada


In this episode I ask Dave about the new site, why a new Canadian auction  site was needed and wh

at he sees for the future.
Dave is a collector in his own right and he shares some entertaining and insightful stories about his own experieinces buying and selling cars from his own collection.
David and www.collectorcarcanda.ca have their finger on the pulse of the  collector car scene in Canada.

Collector Car Canada is a new online car auction site started by David Case.


Podcasts have become a valuable marketing tool.  People spend time listening to their mobile device now more than ever. Data plans, and technology have made the mobile device a prime source of audio entertainment.

As of the beginning of 2021, 1.7 million podcasts existed representing 45 million episodes.  Over 50% of the population are familiar with the medium or have listened to a podcast.

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