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Who We Are

Driven was created as a partnership with a automotive manufacturer.  Since then we have become an independent force in auto industry promotions.   

 Recognized as a leader in creative productions, events and sales and marketing campaigns for over 20 years.

Effective management is at the foundation of everything we do.  This allows us to consistently create first class marketing promotions and campaigns for our program sponsors and customers.

We have been working remotely long before the 2020 pandemic, allowing us to bring in the best creative and managers for any assigned project (think Mission Impossible Task Force).   Money spent gets results, through top talent, lean management style and a desire to constantly improve on what we create. 

We believe in continuous improvement to ensure our methods and best practices are inline with the ever changing landscape of digital and traditional marketing and advertising.   

Our commitment is to offer leading edge solutions based on today’s digital media platforms while continuing to explore and research new opportunities. We are always looking to tomorrow.

Our diverse offering of auto industry promotions can be attributed to understanding the basics.  The basics of a promotional campaign are the same whether it is a national product roll-out or an exclusive opportunity for a select few.  We have produced programs in many formats and in diverse mediums. This expertise is evident in every project we accept – we are flexible in any situation and can adapt quickly.

Programs including international information summits, national launch tours and branded television productions represent some of what we have delivered.  

Ron Baker, our founder, has worked with the following automotive brands